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Software for Planning and Monitoring Athletic Training Programs


TrainingDesign Pro software allows the coach to efficiently plan training programs for any sport and to monitor and analyze the results of that program.

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YTP (Yearly Training Planner)

YTP is a simple database that allows you to visually lay out your Yearly Training Plan. Simply create a new year, input the number of days you want for each mesocycle and then ascribe a degree of difficulty to each day. See the screen shot below.

YTP is constructed on the Panorama Engine and therefore you do not need to purchase Panorama to use YTP.

Get YTP or MTP today for just $25 each or $45 for both. Send an email to: winckler@wssaddles.com for payment details.

MTP (Mesocycle Training Plan)

All the same great features present in YTP to help you lay out your training objectives for MesoCycles and MicroCycles.